Uncompromised bandwidth for work requiring high-throughput

Jasnita Networks deliver consistently high performing throughput and work with partners to provide you peace of mind with 99.95% service up-time

Our Services

End to end network management

  • Improved efficiency and support
  • Convenient management with dedicated team
  • Serving to your needs
  • Cost effective no upfront investment

Dedicated Internet Access

  • Enterprise Grade Reliability
  • Full bandwidth always
  • Uninterrupted Fast Speeds

Static LAN IP

We offer 8, 16, 32, 64 static IPv4 addresses by upon request


Leverage a combination of network services:

  • (MPLS, LTE, Broadband)
  • Securely connect users to applications
  • Centrally control function
  • AI traffic filtering and routing
  • Increased performance
  • Cost effective compared to dedicated link

Other Managed Services

  • Managed firewall - protect your business assets headache free
  • Network filtering - mitigate cyber-attacks and protect your applications and network
  • Managed Wi-Fi Services - provide smooth and seamless Wi-Fi experience in your premises
  • AI traffic filtering and routing
  • Network Management - set up a office LAN, private network, and connect your broadband with voice & collaboration tools for seamless user experience
cyber security

Cyber Security

Protect your network and digital assets with Jasnita Security Operations Center.

Provide first and last line of cyber defense with Invisiron.

At the core of Invisiron® is C3X™ which features three mission-critical technologies.


Invisible Stealth Mode

100 uptime

Ultra Fast In-Line Packet Processing Speed

easy integration

Autonomous Threat Prevention

cyber defense

The Invisiron® Cyber Defence

The Invisiron® Cyber Defence device operates in stealth mode, without any IP addresses or Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. This renders it invisible to cyber criminals when deployed. Hackers attempting to penetrate the network will not be able to detect the presence of an Invisiron® device.

Network packets are processed at near line rate without degrading the Internet bandwidth.

The Invisiron Cyber Defence Platform operates fully autonomous with no user intervention needed. Threats are detected and mitigated fully automatically and in real-time.

The Invisiron® Cyber Defence product line includes the Cyber Defence device, the Invisiron Cyber Threat Intelligence (Invisiron-CTI™) and the Threat Commander Remote Monitoring Software tool. Together, these form a complete Cyber Defence eco-system.

Sentry s1000

Designed for Small Enterprises Invisiron® Sentry S-1000 boasts a compact form-factor designed for small networks. The perfect solution for Small Businesses.

Sentry s4000

Designed for Medium Enterprises Invisiron® Sentry S-4000 is optimised for medium-sized networks. Options for High Availability and Carrier Diversity are available.

Managed firewall services

Secure the network traffic across your organization with the 24x7x365 threat protection of our Managed Firewall services. Choose from a Dedicated Firewall on a physical infrastructure or a Virtual Firewall with unparalleled flexibility.

Our experienced security engineers provide the monitoring and maintenance for your firewall infrastructure, including policy management, upgrades, and any custom configurations your business needs.

Safeguard sensitive data on devices connected to your network & Proactively identify threats and respond accordingly. We provide more than just a security scan. We analyze key risks and find vulnerabilities in the system. We will then put together a tailored solution and manage it for your convenience.

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