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  • 2020

    Release DateDescription
    2020-08-18Announcement Summary of Minutes of AGMS 2020Download
    2020-08-07Announcement to Shareholder AGMS 2020Download
    2020-07-22Convocation of AGMS 2020Download
    2020-04-21Announcement of Summary EGMS 2020Download
    2020-03-26Convocation EGMS 2020Download
    2020-03-11Announcement to Shareholder of EGMS 2020Download
  • 2021

    Release DateDescription
    2021-07-21Convocation AGMS 2020 & EGMS 2021Download
    2021-07-21Explanation Agenda AGMS 2020 & EGMS 2021Download
    2021-07-06Announcement AGMS 2020 EGMS 2021Download