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Performance PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk.

Performance PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk.

In the past few days, JAST shares were included in the ranks of special monitoring shares by the Indonesian Stock Exchange. This is because the average price of JAST shares over the last 6 (six) months on the Regular Market is less than IDR 51, which may cause some JAST investors to experience panic selling.


In contrast to the performance of JAST shares, the operational performance of PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk. gradually has increased. This is reflected in the Company's revenue increasing by 9.55% from Q1 2023 compared to Q1 2024. The large number of projects that will be carried out by JAST with several potential business actors, makes JAST optimistic about JAST's performance in the future. Apart from that, in terms of the 112 emergency call service, the Company is increasingly aggressive in offering this service to Regional Governments, in line with the digital transformation ideals of the Indonesian Government. JasTrack's CCTV Surveillance service also received a good response from Companies, Government and Academics at today's webinar, because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently gaining great popularity.


The widespread development of the digital ecosystem promoted by the Government, provides added value for the Company to continue to increase the provision of IoT in several fields, because the Company has also obtained a Data Communication permit (Siskomdat) from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, as a green light to be able to run IoT services.


The Company has high hopes that all JAST stakeholders will continue to trust JAST, so that JAST can continue to improve its performance and provide added value to all investors.


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