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Aim for IDR 140 billion in revenue, this is the strategy for Jasnita Telekomindo (JAST) in 2021

Aim for IDR 140 billion in revenue, this is the strategy for Jasnita Telekomindo (JAST) in 2021

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk (JAST) is optimistic that it can improve performance this year. The telecommunications service provider company has prepared a number of strategies to target revenues of up to Rp 140 billion throughout 2021.

Jasnita Telekomindo Corporate Secretary Nathania Olinda said that the Covid-19 pandemic last year had an impact on JAST's performance. Even so, Jasnita's software as a service (SaaS) business line, JasCloud, is still reliable.

"Seeing this, we are focusing our efforts on this line and continue to add new products," said Nathania to last weekend.

There are a number of cloud solutions provided by JAST, such as cloud PBX, cloud call center solutions, omni-channel, communication API, and several other applications. Nathania added, JASR's omni-channel service is also integrated with verified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and WhatsApp Business.

"We make it easier for companies to continue operating optimally even though their employees have to work from home," he added.

To pursue a revenue target of Rp. 140 billion, JAST also has a number of business development focuses. First, by strengthening the Jascloud service.

Nathania said this product is in demand by customers in the midst of the Work From Home (WFH) situation that is still being carried out, so that it can be efficient and facilitate business communication.

Second, diversify products and services. Such as launching omni-channel and e-counters targeting specific markets. Third, continue to develop Smart City services by strengthening several other programs such as IOT and CCTV surveillance. While exploring Smart City, JAST is also developing Jasgrid in the Regional Government in parallel. This includes supporting the "UMKM Go Digital" program.

"So if there are more downloaders, JAST will create a marketplace for MSMEs, as part of the Government's program to empower MSMEs," explained Nathania.

This year, JAST through its subsidiary PT Sakti Makmur Pratama, will focus on providing applications that can facilitate MSMEs with a target in five cities.

The next strategy is to improve the Remote Contact Center, so that call center activities can continue wherever the agent is located. It can also expand the call center network in Indonesia and is suitable for call center agents in WFH situations.

This effort was also carried out by developing a subsidiary company of PT Sakti Makmur Pratama, namely PT Dimensi Ruang Digital, which is engaged in providing Call Center outsourcing.

"Currently JAST focuses on and continues to develop Jascloud services, Call Centers and Emergency Response Services 112, these three services both make a good contribution. We hope that all JAST services will develop together in a better direction," said Nathania.

Although we have not specified the number of JAST service users until 2020, overall, Smart City Jasgrid and 112 JAST service users are targeted to reach 100 cities by the end of 2021.

"During 2021, 112 Call Center services have been used in several cities such as Ngawi Regency, Tangerang Regency, Subang Regency, Bangli Regency, Kendal Regency and Karo Regency," explained Nathania.

Although he has not disclosed the realization of the performance during Q1-2021, Nathania said that JAST's business performance at the beginning of this year has grown compared to last year.

Regarding the realization of performance throughout 2020, he also has not provided an overview, because he is still waiting for the results of the Financial Statements. To be sure, until the Q3-2020 period, JAST recorded a loss attributable to the owners of the parent entity of IDR 248.71 million.

Meanwhile, in terms of revenue, as of September 2020 JAST booked Rp. 43.30 billion, or a 33% drop compared to the achievement in Q3-2019 which amounted to Rp. 64.67 billion.

If detailed, JAST's revenue was contributed most by interconnection and internet services amounting to Rp 39.41 billion or 91% of JAST's revenue per Q3-2020. Followed by revenue from telecommunication projects amounting to Rp. 3.47 billion and from non-connection services amounting to Rp. 416 million.