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Impact of Metaverse on Business Transformation in Indonesia

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Lately, Metaverse has become the subject of public discussion. From the middle class to the upper class, they are competing to be the first people who have tried and understood what this metaverse is all about. In fact, there have been many clear reviews of what the metaverse is and what Virtual Reality (VR) is.

In general, the metaverse itself can be defined as a virtual universe, where users can have access to create digital avatars, and allow users to live and play in the digital world. Previously, the term metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel, Snow Crash.

The good news is that now people can try and surf in the virtual reality world. There are also many content creators who have done fairly clear and concise reviews about what they can do if they enter the virtual world. This can happen because of the big ambitions of Facebook owners who realize the virtual world in the real world.

In the virtual world, users can carry out their usual activities, from working, and investing, to doing business with their partners. This virtual world has a huge impact on business owners around the world, including in Indonesia.

As the metaverse continues to grow, of course, many businesses are involved and sell some of their products through the virtual world. For business owners, the metaverse is a new platform they can use to market their products. In addition to marketing their products, they can also meet virtually with some of their customers in a virtual world. This encourages business owners to want to try to dive into the virtual world and promote their products through the virtual world.

Metaverse users can also try and explore the products of a business directly. In fact, they can directly conduct transactions with the business. In addition, today the world is also greatly facilitated by the existence of a virtual wallet that can make it easier for consumers to make transactions directly in the virtual world. In addition, consumers or metaverse users will also get a new experience by shopping in the virtual world through 360° videos.

Therefore, with the presence of the metaverse, business people must start preparing to adapt to this virtual world trend. So that one day if this trend continues, business owners will be ready and know how to transform their business into a virtual world.

Business people also have to think about how their business can be present in the metaverse world, and find appropriate ways to promote their products. Then business people also have to determine how they can innovate and create different experiences so that their products will remain loved by metaverse users.


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