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Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Analog Telephone Network To Digital Telephone Network

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An Analog telephone network is a network that is used by several offices to carry out long-distance communication activities or simply make calls between divisions in the office. Usually, analogue telephones are known as PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange).

PABX service is a conventional telephone service that uses cables and pays attention to the switchboard as a Control Station. So that it can be useful as a telephone, fax machine, modem, or communication between office divisions and long distances.

Companies that usually use the PABX system are service companies such as banks, transportation, insurance, telecommunications, food delivery, to the government. The government uses PABX to communicate, so activities can be coordinated smoothly. In addition, the PABX telephone system also has a fairly high level of security, therefore the government dares to use this PABX system.

But of all these advantages, PABX systems have disadvantages that make some companies reluctant to use them. One of the goals is that outgoing calls are calculated per outgoing call so that when communication activities in the office are high, the costs charged also increase.

The conventional PABX system is considered very ineffective for offices that have many branches at home or abroad. Because the cellular network provided by conventional PABX systems is still limited.

The right solution to this problem is to upgrade the PABX telephone network system to a digital telephone network system or commonly known as IP PBX. IP PABX or Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange is a PABX that is integrated with the internet network so that it allows conventional PABX to be converted into digital signals transmitted by the internet or Internet Protocol (IP) network.

The obvious advantage of using an IP PBX is that an IP PBX system can carry out long-distance communications at a much lower cost than a PABX telephone system. Because IP PBX requires an internet network to make calls only. In addition, the resulting sound will also feel clearer and smoother.


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