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How to Send Bulk Messages Without Blocking WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is a messenger application that is useful for everyone to communicate even though they have a very long distance. This application allows you to exchange messages without credit. Since WhatsApp is an application that is connected to the internet, users only need an internet network to connect to the WhatsApp application and connect with people who are very far away.

This application only requires a phone number to exchange messages, you only need to enter another user's phone number into the contact on your smartphone, after that the contact is directly stored and can be accessed via the WhatsApp application.

Until now WhatsApp has grown quite rapidly, until the application issued a new model, namely WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business itself is an application created by WhatsApp for business owners to be able to promote business brands to products in the WhatsApp application.

To complement the features of WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp added a Broadcast feature for business owners if they want to promote their products or just brand their brands. But when you use the Broadcast feature too often, there will be a warning from WhatsApp to give a pause, and if you keep broadcasting then the account will be blocked by WhatsApp because it broadcasts too much or can be called spamming.

Therefore, Jasnita is here to assist your business in broadcasting messages from your business. At that time, when you use WhatsApp Business integrated with the API from Jasnita, you no longer have a limit to sending bulk messages to all your customers. You can easily broadcast many times without any warning from WhatsApp, and WhatsApp will not block your business phone number.

API itself stands for Application Programming Interface, API is a program created to help WhatsApp Business owners to carry out communication activities between business customers and business owners. When you have the WhatsApp Business API, there is no longer need to bother with limiting matters from broadcasting to branding your brand, because everything has been handled by professionals who are designed to be one.


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