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Artificial Intelligence as a Substitute for Call Center Agents

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Artificial Intelligence is man-made intelligence, which aims to help humans to complete tasks easily or with AI intelligence. So far, artificial intelligence is at a point where it can be said to be quite successful. There are several companies that no longer use call centre agents as the front line of their company, but instead use Artificial Intelligence call centres.

Although AI technology is still in the development stage, its ability is already well recognized in helping human work. Currently, AI can help you save operational costs, receive customer complaints, create manageable customer data, and increase the efficiency of call centre agents.

The most important reason companies implement AI is to add to the Customer Experience, so they can feel comfortable and can feel talking to Artificial Intelligence bots. The following is how Artificial Intelligence works in helping Call Center agents

  1. Creating Predictive Call Routes

When you hear call routes, the most obvious thing that comes to mind is that AI Bots can route calls to certain departments. But the truth is that AI Bots can match customers with the type of service that AI ​​Bot has. This technology depends on the customer profile and the personal nature of the customer. So that customers will feel comfortable with the services of the company.

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a technology that allows callers to talk to AI bots. Most of us have experienced talking to AI bots. Because many companies in Indonesia have used IVR at the beginning of the conversation, after that conversation you will be guided to which call centre agent you want to go to.

  1. AI Chat Bot

If you contact a business brand via chat, someone will reply quickly, that's AI Chat Bot or commonly known as Chatbot. Currently, people only want to make direct transactions through the brand. In addition to being more reliable, services from direct business brands are very good. Therefore AI is here to help business brand owners to answer all customer needs.

  1. AI Bot emotional intelligence

Another form of AI is emotional intelligence. AI can track customer sentiment during a phone call. The AI ​​bot recognizes it by hearing the tone of voice from the customer, several times interrupting the conversation and the language of the customer or caller. After that, the AI ​​Bot will provide feedback that makes the customer feel comfortable and calms the customer.

  1. AI Bot Recommendations

Following the emotional intelligence above, after the AI ​​Bot understands what the customer needs, the AI ​​Bot will provide recommendations on solutions that the company can provide to the customer. The AI ​​bot assesses the sentiment of the customer and then finds out what services can be provided to that customer.

  1. Call Analysis

One of the most important and necessary functions for some companies is called history and analysis. AI bots are the answer to the company's complaints. Ai bots can make call analysis regarding how long agents make calls and how many agents or bots make customers satisfied.

Now that we have discussed how Artificial Intelligence helps call centre agents, the question will surely arise "can AI bots replace call centre agents?" the following is the explanation.

The answer to this question can be “yes” or “no,” indeed AI Bot artificial intelligence can handle customers, but AI Bots cannot answer all customer complaints. Therefore, call centre agents are still needed in handling complaints from customers.


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