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The Benefits of the Template Feature on the WhatsApp Business API Features

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WhatsApp Business API is WhatsApp that already has several advantages over the regular WhatsApp Business. If you only have a regular WhatsApp Business, you have a Broadcast limit to your subscribers, if you exceed the limit provided by WhatsApp, your Whatsapp Business account will be banned or blocked.

Unlike the WhatsApp Business API, you don't have a limit to Broadcast. You can easily send messages to all your customers without fear of having your account banned or blocked. When you broadcast, you can also insert files in the form of PDFs, images, or links that will go to your landing page or your website.

If you want to do a broadcast, of course, you will include the contents of the message in the broadcast. In order not to make it difficult for users, the WhatsApp Business API provides a template feature to send the Broadcast. Messages that want to be conveyed on this Broadcast have terms and conditions from WhatsApp.

The first terms and conditions are the number of characters on the Broadcast can only be filled with a maximum of 1024 characters. You cannot exceed the limit of the maximum number of characters, you only need to fill in some important things about the purpose of the broadcast. Usually, broadcasts can contain product promotions, brand recognition, or simply convey product information.

The second terms and conditions are that you need to ask for permission from WhatsApp, through the party that oversees your WhatsApp Business API (in this discussion, Jasnita is the umbrella), to do the Broadcast. This is done so that users of the Broadcast feature do not deviate from the policies that WhatsApp has made.

Usually, this licensing process will take about 1x24 hours, but after you do the first permit, and then the second permit you only need to wait about 30-60 minutes.

The last terms and conditions are that you must not sell or trade that deviates from the policies that WhatsApp has set by Whatsapp. If you deviate from the policy that has been made, the template you created will be rejected from Whatsapp and your account can be suspended or disabled.

In the template feature, you will be given a choice of 3 categories from the message template. This category aims to describe the content of the message that you will create. The category choices are Marketing, Transactional, and One-time password.

The marketing category aims to provide product promotion information, brand recognition, or product information. The transactional category aims to inform the recipient that a transaction has occurred from the company and customer side. Then the last one-time password category aims to provide a code to log into the broadcast recipient's account.

In this template feature, you can also set and condition what language is used in the broadcast that you will send. If the recipient of the message uses a foreign language, the content of the message will follow the language of the recipient of the message.


This template feature is available in Jasnita's WhatsApp Business API, if you are interested, you can directly contact Jasnita's sales at or through Jasnita's Whatsapp at 08-111-901-5555.