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4 Keys to Designing a Command Center that Works

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There is an art and technique to designing a working command centre. Command centres, in some capacities, have existed for thousands of years. Even in medieval times, castles were the command centres of empires. And the goal is the same as today. The command centre is to maintain situational awareness, manage threats, and secure the organization. The current command centre is very different from the fortress, but the design is just as important. Here are four keys to designing a modern command centre that works for your organization:

#1: Planning, Planning and More Planning

In the first place, command centre design cannot, and should not, be a proposition that relies on instinct rather than logic or knowledge. Planning is critical to design success. Extensive planning to ensure effective workflow, continuity of operations and attention to detail will help ensure the success of this investment for your business. Support from all key players is a must and often takes time to incorporate the needs of all stakeholders. Don't skimp on the planning process and the time it takes to get it right.

#2: Technology Integration

No need to worry about integrating video walls with computer stations and workspaces, along with communication and security infrastructure. Today's command centres need to consider not only the technology needed going forward but also the incorporation of legacy systems. When designing your space, it's important to include all of the technology hardware, software, electrical, and space requirements to ensure it's ready to customize, manage, and run everything you and your team need to keep your centre working around the clock. Make sure the application used can be adjusted to current and future needs.

#3: Use of Space

In addition, command centres rarely consist of only one room with many workstations. This often requires meeting rooms and support as well. Furthermore, briefings, meetings and employee breaks are essential components of the centre that make it fully functional. During the design phase, consider the work done in the command centre, so you don't have to face an expensive overhaul to make it work.

#4: Central Success Team

And finally, a command centre is only as successful as the team that works in it. And successful team members must feel comfortable to be effective. Not only that, the ability of the team is needed so that regular training is needed for the smooth running of the command centre. There needs to be an increase in expertise at a certain time to increase the effectiveness of teamwork.


In conclusion, the command centre needs the support of technology and a synergized team, which is suitable for your business is the goal of our team of experts at Jasnita. Find out more by contacting us today.