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Jasnita Supports the Presence of Smart City By Presenting Smart Lighting For Street Lights

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Currently, we are facing a new era of technology, major changes and ease of doing activities are also a good impact that we will get from this new era of technology. Several circles of society have recently discussed the concept of a Smart City, especially state officials.

Seeing this need, Jasnita presents Smart Lighting which can make it easier for all regencies and cities to regulate street lighting in all cities in Indonesia. Previously, the Indonesian government already had conventional lighting sufficient to illuminate several streets in several cities.

But these conventional lamps have many shortcomings, which ultimately make a waste of financial budgets for electrical energy in the city. In addition, it can happen because the lights that have been turned on cannot be dimmed if there are no pedestrians, and they will burn with the same amount of voltage throughout the night. This incident became anxiety and complaints from several government agencies in Indonesia.

By looking at neighbouring countries that have made very significant progress in the field of technology, Jasnita also wants people in Indonesia to be able to experience the same technological progress as these countries. By using technology and the concept of a Smart City, people will be able to enjoy the convenience of enjoying Smart City technology.

Therefore, in order to facilitate community activities in Indonesia, Jasnita presents Smart Lighting for all districts in Indonesia. Later this Smart Lighting can save up to 40% of the distribution of electrical energy from a city. Besides being able to reduce urban electricity consumption, Smart Lighting can also save on street lamp maintenance costs, improve urban welfare, optimize street light system performance, speed up recovery of power outages, and control remotely.

Jasnita's Smart Lighting can also be used in all cities in Indonesia. This can also make Indonesia one day become one of the countries that have an excellent Smart City concept and can compete with other countries.


If you are interested in using Smart Lighting from Jasnita, you can contact our team at or through the WhatsApp application at 0811-1901-5555, our team will be ready to help with all complaints and needs for Smart City in your city.