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Differences and Functions of Cloud PBX and SIP Trunk

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In order to meet the needs of telecommunications networks, companies must have a telecommunications system that can connect their companies to all networks around the world. Because with this need comes the PABX or Private Automatic Branch eXchange telephone system. PABX is a conventional telephone system that can connect communicators and communicants in real time or directly.

But this conventional system has many shortcomings, from the sound produced is not clear, to the call costs that are billed being relatively expensive. This is what makes companies reluctant to try and continue to use the PABX phone system. From this unrest, a telecommunications system that can reach all users with a very clear voice and relatively low call costs emerged, namely SIP Trunk.

SIP Trunk itself is a calling service for customers who have their own telephone equipment but want to have a communication line with a clear voice and a relatively low cost. SIP Trunk is a system that connects Conventional PBX devices to the internet network. So if there is a company that already has a PABX phone system it can improve the quality of calls to the SIP Trunk system.

Meanwhile, Cloud PBX is a telephone that can be accessed to make outgoing and incoming calls. The network used by the Cloud PBX itself is the internet network, where the internet network system is the same as the network system on the SIP Trunk. SIP Trunk and Cloud PBX are communication lines that can be used easily and accessed using the internet network.

The difference is that SIP Trunk is a path or access to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls, while Cloud PBX is a cloud-based telephone system and does not require a PSTN network (Public Switched Telephone Network) or landline if you want to make outgoing calls.

For more details, the following is an explanation of the functions of SIP Trunk and Cloud PBX, and which one is most suitable for your business or company.


  • Number of employees

If you have a business that has less than 20 employees, you should use a Cloud PBX, because besides being easy to use Cloud PBX also doesn't require you to create a server room to accommodate all incoming and outgoing calls. You only need to rent it with one particular service.


But if you have a large company or you have more than 20 employees, you should choose to use SIP Trunk. Especially if you already have a PBX that can be integrated with a Cloud PBX service provider.

  • Employee Activities

Employee activities are also a consideration that must be considered if you want to take a line of communication. If you have employees who have to stay in the office, then the right line of communication is SIP Trunk. Because the SIP Trunk itself must have a PBX device installed in the office.


Meanwhile, if you have employees who have activities that require them to work outside the room or outside the office, then the communication line that is suitable for use is Cloud PBX. Because Cloud PBX only requires a smartphone connected to the internet to be able to access it, it can make it easier for users to travel out of the office.

  • Communication infrastructure system

If a new company is starting up that occupies a new building, it will usually get sufficient office facilities. Of course, there is no adequate telephone network to make outgoing and incoming calls or to extend call numbers for employees. If you use PSTN, your business expenses will also swell and be ineffective for your new business. Therefore a new company can use Cloud PBX to complement the new company's communication line system.


It's different if the company has been running for a long time, usually, they already have adequate communication infrastructure for their employees. To save on communication lines, they can try to use the SIP Trunk system which has the advantage of clearer voice and can save office calling costs up to 70% per month.

  • Device maintenance

Cloud PBX and SIP Trunk have different types of maintenance. If you use a Cloud PBX, as long as you have an internet connection, you will stay connected to the outside world. Then you also don't have to bother thinking about maintenance or maintenance of the Cloud PBX. because the maintenance of the Cloud PBX has been carried out by the Cloud PBX service provider itself.

Meanwhile, if you use a SIP Trunk, you need quite complicated maintenance. One of them is to maintain the PBX from your office and keep your telephone or IP Phone running properly. This maintenance also cannot be done by just anyone, but by experts or technical personnel who must understand how to maintain the PBX system as a whole.

Broadly speaking, if you have a large company that requires employees to stay in the office, you are more suitable to choose SIP Trunk as your communication line, but if you don't have a server room or PBX, you can also use Cloud PBX as your company's communication line. . In addition, if you have a business that is just starting out and requires you to use a communication line, the right choice is to use a Cloud PBX.


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