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CCTV Supporting Features for Face and Number Plate Recognition to Realize Smart City

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Recently, the concept of a "Smart City" has become a topic of discussion in all cities in Indonesia. Even in some developed countries, the smart city concept can be applied and is considered very easy for the city to carry out all activities. This is what makes Indonesia want to participate in trying to implement the smart city concept in cities throughout Indonesia.

Because in some of these developed countries, the smart city concept is believed to be able to help resolve all the concerns of the people. From traffic jams, floods, and garbage accumulation to public safety can be guaranteed in the country. Currently, Indonesia also has the same complaints and concerns experienced by some of these countries.

Given that until now the crime rate in Indonesia has also increased since the corona pandemic struck. Therefore, the government in Indonesia wants some of its cities to have the same smart city technology as these developed countries.

To prevent the occurrence of criminal acts that are increasingly rampant in Indonesia, the Indonesian government installs CCTV to monitor the abnormal movement of people who have the potential to commit criminal acts. But law enforcement in Indonesia found the next problem. The problem is that it is difficult to recognize the face of the perpetrator of the crime. In addition, it is also difficult to recognize the license plates of the vehicles used by criminals.

In response to these conditions, Jasnita as a company engaged in the world of technology and communication launched JasGrid as a solution that will answer all complaints from law enforcement and the government. JasGrid provides CCTV that can record all events with a high level of image resolution and is also accompanied by Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition.

Face Recognition is a technology that can capture and recognize a person's face. Then if you add supporting data, it can allow you to identify the identity of the perpetrator and catch him in the area that has been installed with CCTV accompanied by Face Recognition. In addition, Jasgrid also has License Plate Recognition, where this technology can clearly capture and record traffic violators.

Both technologies can be useful if city governments throughout Indonesia have the technology in their respective cities. The CCTV can be installed at red light crossings, where if there is a driver who violates traffic, the CCTV will capture the face and license plate of the perpetrator's vehicle and immediately recognize who the perpetrator is and arrest him.

In addition, this CCTV can also be installed in residential areas, if there is a criminal who commits a crime then this CCTV can also capture the face of the perpetrator and recognize the identity of the criminal. In this way, urban conditions in the territory of Indonesia will also be safer and far from the criminal conditions that usually occur in Indonesia.


If your city does not have Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition technology, and you are interested in having a similar technology, please contact Jasnita. We will explain about the product and provide a live demo about the use and working of Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition technology. You can contact Jasnita at or through the WhatsApp application at 0811-1901-5555.