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Technology Improves Contact Center Performance

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Technologies used to maintain and improve contact center performance include:

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

A computerized system that analyzes incoming calls and distributes calls based on various factors, such as the number dialed.

Email response management system

A system that collects and analyzes customer inquiries sent via email, and then directs those inquiries to the appropriate agents.

Interactive voice response system (IVR)

A computer-based system that allows customers to use a keypad or voice commands to provide information without the assistance of a human agent.

Knowledge management system

Information center storage that can be easily searched, helps to shorten agent training time.

TTY/TDD Communication

Teletypewriters (TTY) and telecommunications display devices (TDD) provide assistance to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Labor management system

A computerized system that helps scheduling and staffing agents and managing agent performance.

Contact center systems often use call center software. For example, a virtual contact center can use virtual call center software to create a channel for remote agents to manage phone calls as if they were in a centralized call center. However, contact center software often builds on this basic capability to better integrate contact center services across multiple channels and allow contact information to be routed, contacts to be tracked and data to be collected.

Benefits of contact center software include the ability to integrate with CRM software; improve customer experience through enhanced interaction monitoring capabilities and integration with social media. It also optimizes customer time through more direct and effective service.