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Hybrid Working

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If you used to work 8 hours from morning to evening in the office, now there is a new era, namely, hybrid working.

Since the arrival of COVID-19, it is mandatory for everyone to practice social distancing. Many companies implement work from home.

Hybrid working includes the freedom in which employees have to work. Employees can adapt to work in the office as well as outside the office. The combination of working from the office with outside the office is what has become the concept of hybrid working.

Experts predict that hybrid working will be increasingly applied for the next few years.

The company gives employees the freedom to work anywhere and is not fixated on working hours, more on the duration of work.

The concept of hybrid working has been around for a long time but has become increasingly popular since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company will determine certain days when employees are required to enter the office, this is more for meetings or mentoring activities, or things that really require employee attendance at the office.

Hybrid working certainly has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage lies in the flexibility that employee feels. Employees have more time with family. Travel time to the office is greatly reduced. Employees can determine the working time to be more productive.

Although some companies still determine working hours to facilitate meetings and communication between employees.

Hybrid working helps employees to have a work-life balance. Employee welfare is better maintained. So as to increase productivity for the company.

From the company's perspective, it certainly reduces the company's operational costs. For startup companies, it is certainly much more useful in implementing hybrid working.

The disadvantage of hybrid working is that more intense communication is needed for fellow employees, due to the reduced face-to-face sessions. Communication is a challenge in hybrid working.

However, this can be minimized by using supporting facilities. Such as Voice and Video Conference. It's good to reduce chat for crucial things, in order to reduce miscommunication within the team.

Jasnita has supported many companies in meeting these needs. Solutions that can be used in various places at any time. In addition, the tools used are very easy, so employees can adapt quickly. What's more, internal communication is also free of cost. Operational costs are getting more efficient, professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency are also maintained.

Jasnita Cloud Communications, such as VoIP and Omnichannel are here to meet the future communication needs of companies. The company is expected to grow along with the development of technology and communication. Our technology is able to adapt to changes that exist in the company such as the work culture that often changes at this time so that the company's vision and mission can be achieved.

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