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3 Ways to Speed ​​Up Omnichannel Transformation

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Digital omnichannel landscapes may seem overwhelming at first, but applying some of the simple principles used when helping to make the planning, investing, and deployment processes less overwhelming.

  1. Identify and prioritize the higher value phases of the journey. Focus on creating a manageable ecosystem for the process areas that create the most value. It's much easier to expand the scope of support infrastructure and processes when you build a total customer journey. For some organizations, improving the quality of the service experience can deliver greater results in the short term than focusing on the acquisition process.
  2. Be agile in the implementation approach. Borrowing from current software development methodologies, adopt a more iterative approach to implementation versus one and done. Capture value right away by acknowledging that perfection can be the enemy of goodness, knowing that experience will improve over time.
  3. Be brave to make big jumps when you can. Although implementation can be iterative, the nature of the end experience must be differentiated and, at the very least, functionally competitive. The benchmarks for reshaping the experience cannot be focused internally. It's important to review the market and understand that customer expectations are shaped by their best experiences in any space, not by their memories of their last interaction with your organization. Investing to optimize for a bad or even average experience may be worse than not investing at all.

Omnichannel success can't just be the talk anymore. It's become a business imperative, where customers and businesses benefit from the frictionless experience it creates. Consumer expectations will be met, driving higher retention, loyalty and acquisitions. Companies will operate more efficiently with fewer silos, streamlined processes, and integrated systems and insights.

Don't let barriers get in the way of your omnichannel success.

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