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Failed Social Media Management (Horror Story 2)

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Sherri (Busy Executive, New York)

In good faith at my internet company, I never question my bill. One day, I stopped by their shop and noticed that my package was cheaper than what I actually paid for. When I reviewed my invoice I noticed a discrepancy and immediately called the company to remedy the situation.

The agent didn't understand and tried to explain to me why they were charging me more. After talking to management they finally agreed to refund me the difference of six months. However, a few days later I noticed that I only received a partial refund.

“For the next three months, I called and fought with their call center but to no avail. I was furious and took my concerns to social media. I spoke to them on Twitter and Facebook demanding answers and that action had to be taken.

Instead, I was given responsibility and blocked from their social media so I can no longer comment or interact with them. I was so angry, I actually thought about taking time off from work to protest outside their office. As a result, I will never buy from that company again.”

What could be done better?

  • Social media. Being on social media is only the first part. Customers turn to social media to engage in conversation with brands, share their likes and concerns. Having proper procedures is essential to maintaining a good reputation. Assign a dedicated team of agents to interact and react to customers on social media.
  • Communication between departments. Perhaps the message sent to the billing department from the agency was not properly forwarded. It is important that the department has channels to communicate clearly and share information. If it is not filed and the case can easily be lost and dropped, the result is an unhappy customer.

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Of course, these call center horror stories hit in more ways than one.

This situation has the potential to overwhelm your customers. However, they can be easily fixed with the right quality measurements, and the right portal for your Call Center management, all solutions are on Jascloud.

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