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JASCLOUD App For Business Communication

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Being present as one of the leading IT companies in Indonesia makes JASCLOUD able to provide a variety of fresh air to various problems that exist in Indonesia. Including problems to support online business. As we know, currently offline businesses have expanded the market by creating an online marketing system. Although this method is considered easy, the market competition is also getting tougher. It's no wonder then that many business people are competing to provide satisfying online services for each of their customers.


Well, to overcome some business-related problems, whether supporting facilities or whatever, JASCLOUD Jasnita has issued some of its best services. In general, JASCLOUD is here to make it easier for business people to run their business. But it comes back to each user, whether he is able to open his eyes to new technology or not.


Here are some JASCLOUD services aimed at business people.




As the name implies, voice is a service that is more focused on communicating in the form of voice. Some of the Voice JASCLOUD applications offered to users include BizPhone, SIP Trunk, Virtual Line, Direct Line, Wallboard, Call Recording, SMS & Email Marketing, to additional facilities in the form of an Office Number. These applications can be used simultaneously or only used as needed.


Chat Tools


In addition to communication in the form of voice, JASCLOUD also provides a special chat service called Chat Tools. Just like Voice, the Chat Tools service also provides the best features to support communication in the form of chat. Some of these features include File Sharing, Live Chat, Chat Agent, and Voice Chat. You can use these various features on a PC, laptop, or android.




You certainly already understand that CRM is an important part of the sustainability of a company. CRM as one of the parts that regulate anything related to customers has quite heavy duties and responsibilities. Therefore, to make CRM tasks easier, JASCLOUD also presents one of its best services called TOSDdesk. This service has a total of 18 features in it that you can use to manage administration, system management, to communicate with customers.


Contact Center


Finally, there is a contact center service. Of course, you already understand, don't you, what is the function of the contact center? The contact center is a communication center where customers can make complaints or questions related to technical matters. Usually, the customer will contact the contact center to report or ask something important. Meanwhile, product questions can be asked via chat services.


Of the four JASCLOUD services above, of course, you can combine and use them together. However, make sure you use the service according to your needs.


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