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How to Entertain Customers While Waiting for Your Calls

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“Tuuuuuuuuut tut tuuuuuuuuut” the sound of the telephone ringing queue made Adit uncomfortable. He had been waiting more than 15 minutes for an answer from the salesperson on the other end of the phone. After a long wait, Adit finally got an answer from the other end of the phone. Unfortunately, he still has to contact the sales department of several companies to confirm the goods ordered. This time he contacted PT. XYZ uses extensions to contact each department. There is a choice of two languages ​​offered when calling PT. XYZ, namely Indonesian or English.


The job of contacting PT. XYZ is easy, especially if you already use an extension for the telephone connection. There was a voice that Adit was waiting for on the other end of the phone "To contact sales, invoices, and accounts receivable, press 3"


Hearing these instructions he immediately pressed the number 3 button on his phone. Unfortunately, Adit's call was cut off midway when he contacted the sales department. He also took the initiative to contact the operator to forward the call to the person in charge of the sales department, known as Adit.


"Please wait, Mr. Adit" the operator shouted to Adit


Uniquely when waiting for a call to be connected to the sales department, the ringing of this company's telephone queue is not flat. They use a jingle for one of their product advertisements that are often seen on TV. Adit knew a little that PT. XYZ's products had benefits for his company through advertisements placed on the ringing queue.


Key Learning Points


The ringing of the queue is usually monotonous and makes some people more uncomfortable waiting. You can use more entertaining ringing telephone queues such as songs or advertisements for your products while consumers wait for answers from related parties in your company.


Action Learning


Ringing queues can be a means to advertise your product. To make a ringing queue on the telephone, just use a virtual line that has several features including the following:


Phone queue ring

Provide language menu

Voicemail service

Call forwarding or extension

Customize greeting message

Estimated Waiting Time


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