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Why You Should Choose BizPhone Desktop Application

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Along with the development of technology, everything has become easier, including in terms of communication. If you wanted to make calls and receive phone calls in the past, you had to do it manually, now you can do it automatically via computing devices using the Bizphone desktop application.

This desktop application is a Softphone application that allows Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP from your laptop or computer. So when you choose to use a softphone, you can connect directly to the Cloud PBX system, which can make outgoing phone calls and receive phone calls from virtual numbers or extensions associated with your account.

Not only that, even through the device you have, you can enjoy other services such as wifi or internet connection directly. This softphone looks the same as any other application. So when you double-click it or press the icon to run the program you can use the help of the mouse or touch screen to dial the number you are going to dial. You can talk and chat on your smartphone or through a headset that is connected to your computer or laptop.

This Bizphone desktop application also provides various features that will make it easier for its users, such as a phonebook that functions to store contact names that usually appear on the main screen, call recording features, internal call transfers, and history tabs.

Apart from the advantages that are easy to use and equipped with various features, this Bizphone desktop application also has other advantages such as in terms of comfort while traveling. So even if you are far from your office whether you are on the road or abroad, you can still be connected.

In addition, this one application is also an economical application, because it saves hardware costs, and instead of an IP Phone, you only need a headset to get optimal call quality.

Even great, this application is also maintenance-efficient, the software can be installed on a computer and no longer needs to be reset when the company moves offices or during a trip. Unlike other phone calling applications which are mostly individual software units and have limited functionality.

With the various benefits that you will get above, of course, this can be the right reason why you should choose the Bizphone desktop application as the right choice for mobile, home, or office worker use as a substitute for your traditional desk phone.

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