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Credit Savings for Line Executive

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Line Executive is a company engaged in the service sector, especially in the sub-family gathering. thus enabling those of you who have a family trip to be assisted and facilitated. Line Executive services consist of family gatherings, discount cards, and hotel vouchers.


Line Executive uses JasCloud's services for their telecommunication needs. They subscribe to 1 local number with 29 Bizphone extensions using the IP Phone for all telephone extensions. All phone extensions will be used by their marketing team to offer services to customers. Before using JasCloud, each of their marketing agencies spent around 2.5 million rupiahs for telephone calls per extension. By using JasCloud, each telephone extension is limited to 1.2 million rupiahs. JasCloud's rates are also cheaper and flat. In addition, Line Executive also uses Virtual Line and Call Recording facilities for its telecommunication system. Through Call Recording, they can see the performance of each agent by playing back the recording and listening to the conversation. This is useful for making improvements in their marketing team so as to increase customer satisfaction.


Other advantages of JasCloud services that are felt by them:


Easy, practical, and fast for installation

Not bound by a contract

Can be customized according to customer needs

There is a report in the form of a CDR (Call Data Record) every month