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PT Indogal is a Spanish and Indonesian Joint Venture group of companies that focus on agricultural commodity trading, meat import, and distribution, and livestock production in Indonesia. Its business ventures consist of:

- Beef Import and Distribution

- Trade-in agricultural commodities: green bean coffee, black and white pepper, cashews

- Cow genetics

- Animal Health Products

- Cattle Breeding Project


PT Indogal encountered several problems with its office telecommunications. The first is the high cost of telephone traffic abroad, especially to Spain. Frequent communication to Spain has caused PT Indogal's telephone bill costs to rise every year. Using BizPhone services can provide significant savings in telephone costs. Second, is the large investment cost of telephone PBX for telecommunication infrastructure. As is well known, it requires a large investment cost to use a PBX, and periodic maintenance is required. With the BizPhone service, you can eliminate CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and switch to OPEX (Operational Expenditures) so as to save on company operations. Finally, there are many PT Indogal employees who are always mobile (always on the go and not in the office). BizPhone services can be applied to software on both Android and Apple mobile phones so that they function as office or extension phones.


Now that PT Indogal uses BizPhone services it allows them to use telephone extension services without having to invest expensive in PBX. The impact of the other BizPhone services is:


Easy, practical, and fast for installation

Flat and friendly telephone rates

Not bound by a contract

Can be customized according to customer needs

There is a report in the form of a CDR (Call Data Record) every month