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Facilities You Can Use When Using JASCLOUD Contact Center

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The contact center is one of the most important services for every company. How not, as the name implies, the contact center is the center of information services that customers will contact when a problem occurs. Currently, startups and large companies all have their own contact centers that can be accessed by customers. It's just that, one problem is, sometimes companies or start-ups can't implement a calling system like a telephone operator. So, like it or not, when making a complaint, the customer has to wait a long time.

So, to overcome this, JASCLOUD, a technology company, presents one of its best services, namely a contact center. No kidding, the JASCLOUD contact center provides several interesting features that can make it easier for customers to contact certain companies.


Numbering Facility

The numbering facility is provided as a call number for a company using the JASCLOUD contact center service. There are two choices of numbers that can be used, namely 140XY, 150XYZ, and 0800.1.xxxxxx. Users can choose one of these numbers or use both. What is certain is that these two numbers can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


Apart from numbering, the JASCLOUD contact center also provides wallboard, chat & bot, and omni channel features. The three of them are here to make it easier for the admin to monitor incoming calls. For example, in the wallboard feature, it contains skill-based routing, whispering, monitoring, and through calls, and is equipped with a call dashboard. That way, monitoring will be much easier and faster.


Lastly is about Outsourcing. These facilities include human resources, workplaces, and devices. So when you use the JASCLOUD contact center, we will also provide human resources, workplaces, and hardware. This facility has become a package that you can enjoy. Without having to look for human resources for a long time, building a workplace, you can easily create a contact center.

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