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Ease of Use of the Cloud Service

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The sophistication of cloud-based technology has made many innovators increasingly aggressively creating super-sophisticated digital technology systems. In Indonesia, the impact of cloud services has been around for a long time. There are only many people who are unfamiliar with this service. Some examples of cloud services include cloud SMS, virtual office, virtual line, and many others.

Not wanting to be left behind, and information technology-based company also contributed to creating new cloud-based innovations, Jasnita. There are several types of services created by Jasnita, namely JASCLOUD. For example, Call Recording, SMS & Email Marketing, Direct Line.

More or less you must already know what is the function of each of these services? So, the next question, what is the specific convenience of cloud services? JASCLOUD service in particular.

Can be developed

Cloud services can be developed to increase various activities and improve your business.

Safe and private

Don't worry about safety. JASCLOUD has been equipped with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO27001: 2013 certified systems. With this system, all data stored in the database is guaranteed security.

Global reach

Furthermore, JASCLOUD is available in more than 140 countries in the world. So, wherever you go, you can easily reach the JASCLOUD system to help with your work activities.

Focus on business

Currently, the cloud is widely used to support various activities. However, one of the most priorities of JASCLOUD is the business world. So be happy for those of you who are now starting a business, because JASCLOUD provides various interesting features to increase your business.

Does not require an upfront investment

A little capital is no longer an obstacle when you use JASCLOUD. Because JASCLOUD does not impose any investment or service payments in advance.

CAPEX becomes OPEX

Finally, even though there are quite a lot of services in JASCLOUD, users are only required to pay for what they use. Meanwhile, the rest will not be charged any fees.

How, easy enough right? Well, don't wait any longer. If you are currently starting a business, it would be better if you activate JASCLOUD immediately and enjoy the various interesting features it has to offer.