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There are many things you can do to make your business or company grow. For example, increasing quality human resources, increasing capital, expanding the company to improving customer service. One of the best ways to improve customer service is to provide a call center number that customers can call. For now, you could say that almost all large companies in Indonesia already have call centers that can connect them with customers even more closely. Are you interested in having a call center for your company?

In Indonesia itself, according to regulations from Kominfo, companies that have call center services are required to use a number with a special access code provided by Kominfo. The number provided by Kominfo is currently available from several digits. The latest call center access code number is 150XYZ. So from the 6 digit numbers available, the 3 leading digits have been determined by the Ministry of Communication and Information, namely 150. Meanwhile, the last 3 digits denoted by XYZ can be replaced with the number desired by the company.

Business people who want to get the desired call center number must move fast. This is because the last 3 digits are available in a limited number where the company that is faster to make submissions will get the desired number. As we all know that call center numbers are often chosen for a reason. In fact, there are quite a number of companies that try to have call center numbers with beautiful numbers or numbers that are easy to memorize and remember.

Given the limited number available and the many requests from the company, Jasnita Telekomindo is committed to helping you get the call center number you want. Jasnita's experiences and big names don't just come out of nowhere. Competent human resources and various customer services are provided to help you solve various communication problems for your business. Come on, develop your company with Jasnita Telekomindo.