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Testimonial Ev Hive Coworking Space

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A coworking space is a place where individuals with work or business backgrounds gather to work. The origin of the definition of Coworking Space itself comes from the word 'Coworking' which can mean working together or collaborating.

                     One of the largest Coworking Spaces in Indonesia named Ev Hive has been a partner of Jasnita since 2017, where Ev Hive as a provider where the Coworking Space gets additional income every month after using Jasnita's JasCloud service.

                  JasCloud which is our Cloud Telecommunication Service provides added value to Ev Hive which further complements their Coworking Space service. Apart from getting additional income, here are other JasCloud benefits for Coworking Space:

Serving Tenant Needs Quickly.

            JasCloud's fast service and installation are perfect for Ev Hive tenants who need mobility and flexibility for their telephone system. In contrast to the traditional telephone system, the installation process is long and requires a minimum-year contract system. There is no contract system for tenants who subscribe to JasCloud. They can continue or stop as long as they are still satisfied with JasCloud's services.


Mobility and Flexibility.

               Jascloud is designed to be integrated either via mobile devices, IP phones, or desktops with seamless connections between users, allowing you to receive or make business calls while traveling or outside. In addition, JasCloud has a portal that makes it easy for you to take full control of your phone system. You can easily activate or remove telephone extensions, change greeting messages / IVR, and set the telephone budget for each extension. This service is very helpful for Ev Hive tenants who need flexibility in their work.


 Increase Professionalism

               Another added value for Ev Hive is that their tenants look more professional with the telephone system features provided by JasCloud even when calling through their cellphones and supervisors can control and know the reports of each staff call in real-time to be able to improve their performance.