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PT Digital Tunai Kita is helped by the Virtual Line Service

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PT Digital Tunai Kita is a collaborative company between WeCash Southeast Asia, JAS Kapital and Kresna Usaha Kreatif. Digital Tunai Kita is a technology company that uses financial principles, mobile technology, big data, and machine learning to evaluate credit and approve loans with higher quality.


PT Digital Tunai Kita needs a complete telephone system when opening a company where they need 3 local numbers, BizPhone services for 16 extensions, a call center system, and Call Recording. This service is focused on the telephone needs of their 3 divisions (phone verification, debt collection, and customer service). PT Digital Tunai Kita also wants a Virtual Line or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service where when a customer calls their hunting number, there will be a greeting voice such as "Thank you for contacting our PT Digital Tunai, please wait for your call we will immediately connect". As we know, a large PBX investment is required if you want such an IVR service.


Other advantages of Virtual Line services that are being felt by PT Digital Tunai Kita:


Easy, practical, and fast to activate. Installation only took 4 hours.

Can be configured according to customer requirements

Easy to set up

In addition, PT Digital Tunai Kita integrated their Virtual Line with Zendesk so that every incoming call to the registered Virtual Line number will be converted into a ticket on Zendesk. Then, their customer service, while answering incoming calls, can pick up the ticket and provide more detailed information.


Now, PT Digital Tunai Kita has integrated the Jascloud API with systems in their 3 divisions (phone verification, debt collection, and their customer service).