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Integration between Freshdesk and Virtual Line

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Freshdesk is cloud-based customer support to make it easier for staff to respond by answering questions from customers through various channels on one platform. Email, Phone, Portal, LiveChat, Twitter, Facebook, Feedback Widget are channels supported by Freshdesk.


Integration between Virtual Line and Freshdesk


You can purchase Virtual Line numbers and services by contacting the sales team of PT Jasnita Telekomindo or filling in the form below. You can buy numbers both local and overseas. In the Virtual Line, an IVR configuration is available with a flow-chart that can be branched without limits to forward it to the extension and telephone number you want to go to


Why do we need to integrate Virtual line with Freshdesk?


  • Cloud-based: you don't need any hardware setup or installation in any software when integrated with Freshdesk. Virtual Line works completely over the internet and is set up by default in your Freshdesk account.
  • Convert your calls into tickets: After integrating your Virtual Line with Freshdesk, any incoming calls to the virtual line numbers will be instantly converted into tickets on Freshdesk so you won't miss any incoming calls. The ticket provides contact information for the caller's number and the time when the customer calls.