About Us

Jasnita is a nationally recognized leader in telecommunications, communications, and networking services.

Excellence in Innovation

We are widely known in the industry for our best-in-service voice solutions. We enable our clients to connect and communicate efficiently and effectively, while staying ahead of its competitors in terms of the technology curve. With a great team of IT and networking experts, we continue to strive for excellence in providing quality services, and innovation in communications. Today Jasnita operates in 3 different communication sectors: telecommunication, call center, and cloud communication.

Our Story


Jasnita was founded in 1996 as a spin off from then Rajawali Group’s telecommunication division. Not long after the spin off, Transpacific Group acquired the company. In the late 1990s, Jasnita’s main business was to render project based value added services to large enterprise clients, specializing in IP-based voice solutions. Back in the early 2000s, VOIP was a new growing trend and it was a great business opportunity in Indonesia due to the lower tariffs for voice calls compared to traditional calls. Jasnita launched its Dolphin calling card service in 2000. It catered to foreign workers or families of foreign workers that needed the service to call overseas without paying the high call tariffs. It also pivoted to launch one of Indonesia’s first information helpline “13TYP”.

In the year of 2009, Jasnita was awarded the license to operate as an Internet Service Provider. Later in the year, it was also awarded the license to build nationwide fiber optics and 4G LTE. Jasnita was growing to potentially become one of the top 10 major telecommunication operators in the country, competing against the likes of First Media, Biznet, and Telkom. By 2014, the company owns and services the communication of three main icons in Jakarta: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, WTC Mangga Dua, and Oakwood Cozmo.

In 2015, the company went through a major restructuring in hopes to renew the 2020 vision of becoming one of Asia’s leading communication companies. Today, Jasnita is broken down into 3 main units: telecommunications, call center, and cloud communications. It is on a new path to discover the opportunities in cloud technology and application-based communications while providing more efficient and modern solutions to cater to an end-to-end connectivity solution to business and enterprise clients. We also aim to begin expanding our infrastructure footprint in fiber optics and broadband wireless access.

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