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Turnkey Digital Contact Center & Managed ICT Services :


Banking & Financial Technology

One of Jasnita’s core competencies is in managing and developing IT and network solutions for banking and financial Institutions. If you are a bank, one of your most fundamental challenges is to balance the cost and reduce latency in your data transfer, because every packet data transmitted is extremely important and private. At that level of risk, IT companies must guarantee safe passage for all the data packets going through any pipe and make sure that there is 100% no losses in packets. Any error in the IT ecosystem can cause the bank to suffer tremendous losses in financial value. Cost effective and secure communication within the bank is key to empowering officers with great functionality in their telephony and voice requirements, 24/7 customer service desk, and advanced ways of driving voice termination to the lowest amount possible.

Managed Connectivity

1. Inter-Branch Connectivity

Jasnita nationwide data network allows our team to connect your branch offices from anywhere in Indonesia. With a team of talented cisco, CIPM, and PMP certified network engineers, our team can deploy, manage, and support your branch offices with guaranteed data connection.

2. Secured Virtual Private Network

Jasnita access planning team will work with your IT support team to deploy a dedicated closed network utilizing the multiple technologies. This solution will increase the level of security, and quality of service by having a dedicated closed network within the bank.

Managed Communication

1. Call Center

Enable your customers and service staff with the most cost effective and advanced solution using on premise contact centre, low cost VoIP termination, and easy to remember numbering schemes. Jasnita is one of the key players that can assist your bank in optimizing your call center processes by introducing business intelligence and automation in your call centre infrastructure.

2. Click to Dial

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing more interfaces of contacting your customer service officers via your website and mobile applications. Never pay again for voice termination via these mediums.

3. Inter-branch communication and PBX management

Never worry again about a broken hardware or malfunction in your PBX, IP phones, and branch communication systems. Jasnita’s nationwide access allows our team to standby and troubleshoot for any problems and issues arising from your communication system. Ease the burden of your support staff by outsourcing the core maintenance and support to Jasnita enterprise division.


Information & Technology

Voice and Communication API

1. Access Security

Intuitive security for your mobile and software applications.

  1. Intuitive security for your mobile and software applications.
  2. Two factor Authentication. Include an additional measure of security for any access to websites, payment and other sensitive information.
  3. Authorization. Include an approval step for high-value transactions and critical events using auto-generated codes that will be sent to a mobile via call or sms.

2. SMS Marketing

  1. Call Tracking. Assign a different phone number to every ad or listing. This way, you can track every call and text, capture information and improve your marketing success.
  2. SMS blast. Send news, promotions, surveys, or app download links via SMS, push notifications, or other messaging apps.
  3. Alerts. Use call and SMS to alert staff and customer of new information or leads when they become available.

3. Internal communications

  1. Include a call conference function within your systems to help you collaborate with customers, partners and internal staffs.
  2. Phone system. Build an internal and external phone system within your systems to bridge communication gaps.

4. Scheduling

  1. Shift Scheduling. Fill open shifts with automated scheduling using messaging to broadcast openings and confirm availability.
  2. Appointment reminders. Send automated voice or SMS to reduce no-show reservations.
  3. Service alerts. Integrate service reminders and alerts to reduce help desk calls.

5. Online Commerce

  1. Masked Phone Numbers. Bridge calls between users and partners through an intermediate number without sharing private information.
  2. Order Notification. Provide order status by sending confirmations and tracking updates.

6. Digital Help Desk

  1. IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Build an IVR and route calls to anyone just by configuring in our portal.
  2. Click-to-dial. Enable customers to reach you from more interfaces such as websites, and applications without paying for termination.
  3. Mobile customer care. Enable chat, and voice within your mobile app so you can serve your customers while on the go.
  4. Web dialer. Integrate your CRM with Jasnita’s own cloud web dialer. No phones, hardware, or apps necessary. Just internet will suffice.
  5. Intelligent Call Routing. Design your call flow and route tasks from all communication channels to agents that you have pre-configured.

Smart City


Smart City & 112 Emergency Hotline

Cultivate cyber capabilities within a provincial city or state by utilizing advanced and efficient technologies in enhancing welfare, and smart governing. This way, citizens living in the specific province can enjoy added benefit of working and living in a well-managed and forward-thinking society where people are well immersed in the digital age.

1. Network Infrastructure for High Capacity Data Requirements

The most fundamental requirement in creating a “smart” environment is to have sufficient data access for the provincial offices, public area, and broadband for the businesses and residents.

2. Electronic Government Services

  1. Build and develop specific applications to support and manage the core services segment for citizens such as tax payment, ID card, information exchange between government offices, and application for licenses.
  2. Level 2 and 3 network requirements. Building proxy servers and security firewall as the standard network deployment for quality data access within governmental offices and lease back facility to businesses within the provincial jurisdiction.

3. Enchanced Applications and Initiatives

  1. Province management and monitoring tools. Implement ways citizens can interact with key governing officials to create an ecosystem of feedbacks, complaints, and understand about communities within the province.
  2. Use IOT (internet of things) as utility tool to monitor various conditions and “happenings” within the province through a dashboard.
  3. Cyber facilities for public. Make broadband much more accessible by strengthening Wi-Fi subsidized by the provincial government. Create co working spaces, server rooms, and E learning tools for citizens to gain access to valuable lessons.
  4. Create new revenue streams. Add digital marketing capabilities within designated Wi-Fi zones.


Property & Township

1. In-Building Service

Connectivity in this modern age has become one of the most needed requirement within any property. It lays the foundation to setting up any systems, communication, and operations within the building. By enabling Jasnita’s broadband and communication access within your property, creates more opportunity for added revenue and enable your stakeholders with quality services beyond your expectations.

2. Custom Deployment and Managed Systems

Every building will require a specific set of network design, and it will need the cooperation between all project division to complete the tasks of drawing up access points, NOC design, and infrastructure topology. Our helpful team can assist you in designing and building the most comprehensive system for your requirement and budget. On top of the deployment, our team can provide 24/7 technical support on site to assist you with your building’s IT.

3. Profit-Sharing

Typically, Jasnita will consider financing the IBS project without costing the developer any upfront investments. This way, developers can focus on delivering their property to completion, while Jasnita focus on delivering quality connectivity services for the stakeholders.

4. Indoor DAS

Outdoor BTS are not designed to cope with the signal interference arising from the blockage of large building fixtures and structures. In building coverage is a solution for mobile operators to boost cellular signals within the building without any signal losses, thereby allowing cellular users to retain functionality in their phones at any point they are still within the building’s premises.