IT as a Service

Managed Connectivity

Jasnita is an internet serivce provider specializing in managed network services for enterprises with special data access requirements.


What we got :

Broadband Wireless Access
Fiber Optics

Services :

Dedicated Links (1Mbps - 1Gbps)
Branch Office Interconnectivity
Virtual Private Network

Managed Systems

Instead of having one internal staff handle all your IT requirements, just leave the work on us!


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Highest level of the internationally recognized IT certification for qualified standard operating procedures.


Nationwide Service Deployment

Deploy any of our services at any location within Indonesia. We have distributed team of experts managing services in over major 20 cities in Indonesia.


PBX & Communication Management

Manage your communication using unified communications, VoIP, virtual receptionist and cloud applications.


CRM & ERP Management

Assisting you with technology software to help you better manage your teams and improve business automation and intelligence.


Networking & Enterprise Management

Designing and maintaining your office internal network and gateways.


Web & Software Development

Designing your website and managing your email servers virtually.


System Integration & IT Procurement

Helping you with your IT procurement and standing by your side when deciding on your hardware and software purchases.

Additional Services (fullfilled by Phuture Prime)

Custom Software & Automation

Some companies go by its own operating procedures that are unique and specific in nature. At times there is no available standard solution already made. This is when Jasnita software development team is engaged to perform the design, architecture, and development of the custom software. Over at Jasnita, we are a service provider that is vested to help you solve your technological issues. Your businesses core expertise is what you should focus on.

Let us focus on helping you build and manage your solutions so you don’t have to worry about it. Data Automation eliminates many processes by allowing data to be fed automatically to the database. This is made possible by the implementation of triggers when a certain query or submission has been made to the computer. The computer will then feed data based on the triggered action.

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System Integration

Reduce Human Error
Access Anywhere

One common issue with companies today is its inability to make use of technologies to help optimize its overall operations. Many enterprises and companies today still depend on manual input and labor-oriented workflow. Conventional Manual work is slow and unproductive. It is also more exposed to mistakes caused by human error. Enterprises could incur unnecessary expenses and fines if human error is not closely monitored and maintained.

With industries evolving at a rapid pace, enterprises and smbs’ need to stay on top of the technology curve to gain comparative advantage over its competitors. Jasnita IT as a service solution empowers enterprises and businesses by providing a combination of integrated software and applications that is customized to fulfill the requirements of each business workflow. Standard Operating Procedure will be made simple and optimized with system automation and business intelligence. Business process tools will further eliminate redundancy by bridging the different platforms together.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING is a workflow management tool that combines the operations processes of different divisions in a manner that all information can be passed through to many divisions making the communication and management between departments more seamless.

An ERP system gives the management the ease of not having to power many different platforms to do each specific task. By combining the workflow of different departments there will be less chances of information loss and redundancy. Manufacturing and commodities companies will find this handy as it can control the SOP from the supplier to the production and logistics processing. The same system can be used for the back office for managing finances, sales, and administration.

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Customer Relationship Management

vTiger's CRM Dashboard

CRM CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT is a great tool for implementation in sales and support teams. Clients have an option to choose from various open source or licensed crm options, depending on the need of the client.

Standard tools like customer-profiling, notes, and scheduling is organized in the manner of opportunities, leads, support and resources. Most CRMs are able to integrate with other 3rd party applications like IP PBX, custom forms, and support dashboard. Some may require custom integration with contact center solutions and content management systems.

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Content Management Systems

112 Emergency Call Dashboard

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a database solution that helps companies manage its documents and contracts virtually.

It can also make reporting, sharing and storing more simple and secure. This solution helps companies get rid of all the papers in the office by moving it all to the cloud. It makes finding an archived document much faster than scavaging through old files.

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Gpon-based Solution

Mixed Development
Office Tower


Building Automation

Fire Alarm


Internet of Things

Home Appliances


Other Services

24x7 NOC & Customer Service
Triple Play (Voice, Data, TV)
24x7 On-Lite Engineer

In-Building Coverage

An in-building cellular system, commonly implemented in conjunction with a distributed antenna system (DAS), is a telecommunications solution which is used to extend and distribute the cellular signal of a given mobile network operator within a building.


Coverage Area

Corridor of Room Floors
Commercial Area
Lift Lobby



Adequate antenna number to coverage all floor.
Cell radius around 20 meter.
Avoid Blankspot


Multi Tenant System

Solution delivers all the services and frequency bands required by mobile users, including traditional GSM, CDMA, LTE cellular coverage technologies.
Solution delivers needs of voice and internet connection.
1 antenna for multi operator GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE.

Smart City

  • Government
  • City Connectivity Infrastructure
  • City Digital Infrastructure
  • City Digital Security Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Safety, Security Information
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Entertainment & Retail
  • Health
  • Transportation

E-Government Transformation


E-government is a term that rises on the concept of using information technology and communications to enable efficient, effective, transparent, and accountable governance for the purpose of uplifting the quality of welfare to its citizens. It essentially automates, speed up processes, and provide insights that can help a local government run more productively and empower its citizen with a higher quality of life.

JASGRID is a information systems solution that can power schools, buildings, transportation, healthcare, and other last mile services developed on a cross-platform architecture (mobile & web). Its flexibility enables agencies with data integrity that can eventually lead to artificial Intelligence and data analytics.

Connected Communities


JASGRID connect is a data infrastructure and government managed service solution that manages inner city network as an independent data host within a specified province. We provide indoor DAS, in-building fiber, broadband wireless access, IOT LP WAN, Wifi offload, and city free WIFI. Jasnita works hand in hand with provinces to roll out a powerful ecosystem that enables not only added value, but additional streams of income for the city at no cost at all.

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